About Us

Was born and lives in Sorrento and from a very young age he cultivated his passion for the famous art of Sorrento inlaid wood.

It all started with studies at the art school of Sorrento where, under the guidance of talented master craftsmen, he perfected his knowledge ofthis magnificent art.

Supported by the example of his family who have always worked in the sector, he is committed to the marketing of magnificent inlaid artefacts, taking care of their sale all over the world.

His innate taste and perfect knowledge of the product combined with a great commercial vocation have made him an authentic point of reference in the sector.

There are many furnishings that he has made in Europe and the United States with the splendid inlaid furniture made in the Sorrento factories.

Large hotels and luxurious apartments are embellished with fine furniture for the workmanship and for the refined and precious woods with which they are made.

Today assisted by his niece Luisa who with her young enthusiasm designs a more modern line that goes well with the classic schemes, he continues to spread this wonderful Sorrento art throughout the world.